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12 beads Ideas for wear and beauty

>> Monday, 15 April 2013

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Sewing beads is fun and for some people is a good therapy. Beads may came in different sizes and make, colors and shapes, uses and prices, but one thing it has in common - it gives wonderful embelishment effects that suits almost anything from the head to toe, and anything around us too.

Sewing beads may look simple but I personally found it quite challanging as it demands good focus and concentration to hold each of those "tiny creatures" in one hand, while having to work on the needle and threads using the other. It demand a good visual too.

Let's have a look how people has discovered wonderful bead ideas and transformed a lot of boring thing around us into fun and beauty.

1. As accessories
Sure this is quite common

Source: chicos.com via Ros on Pinterest

2. Earing
and this one too

Source: folksy.com via Ros on Pinterest

3. Clothes
...I mean, wedding dress

Source: google.com via Ros on Pinterest

Source: chicnova.com via Ros on Pinterest
5. Super short
super wow!
Source: freepeople.com via Ros on Pinterest

6. Skirt
nice pose!
Source: lolobu.com via Ros on Pinterest

7. Purse
With chain handles

8. Shoe
Nice sandal
Source: chicnova.com via Ros on Pinterest

9. Booties

10. Hair

..and it doesn't just stop there..

11. Nails
Source: snapguide.com via Ros on Pinterest
12. Eyes
Save the best for the last


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