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Tutorial: Alter a headcover with irremovable stain- the needlework way.

>> Monday, 24 September 2012

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Some months ago, my eldest sister handed me this piece of her favorite head-cover, requesting for a re-make. Not sure what was the cause. Too sure, this accidental stain can be removed by some "needlework".

(foto: The irremovable stain)

The full view of the head-cover (folded into 2) with an "awning", made from Jersey

Step 1: Fold into 2 and take measurement between the awning  - 3 inch

Step 2: Remove stitches and detach the "awning"

Step 3: Measure the width of the stain. (2) Draw a line

Step 4: Cut and remove

Step 5: Fold them and draw the center-line

Step  5: Pin (from the center line) and stitch

Step 6: (1) Measure 3 inch (as in step 1) (2) Draw a new seam line - can use free-hand or using a ruler.(3) Stitch

Step 7: (1) Sew over lock stitch from inside, while cutting the access fabric from step (6)  (3) sew over lock stitch along step5

Step 8: (1) Fold and pin (3) Top-stitch


Done - the new look, and stain-no-more


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