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New Floral Satin brooch

>> Wednesday, 26 September 2012

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It's been sometime sinceI last produce any new floral brooch. I have a long list of them, different designs and techniques to test and try on. Finally yesterday, I managed to produce this one.

(foto: 3 inci diameter)
Still using satin, the making is a lot simpler, but consumed more satin fabric compared to previous satin floral brooch design.

Last Rmadhan, I was approched by few customers quering if this brooch floral design is available.  I get to know few accessories shops out there are selling the same, but using different quality of fabric ( I doubt it is satin) with limited choice of colors. I promised them to (soon) put this into my next production. Unfortunately, schedule was tight, so I decided to defer it so some other "comforting time". Making fabric floral is as good as "seeding the real flower". Do it in haste and they grow with imperfections. 
side view of the 3 sizes : light purple, red dan red-chili

2.5 inch

2 inch


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