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Some of you might wonder what "JahitJahitan" is.

"Jahit" is a verb in Bahasa Malaysia to describe the activity of sewing (or to fasten with needle and thread). Jahit-jahitan is the plural of "Jahit", it means a lot of sewing activities :)

I created this blog in Feb 2012, after returning home from a paid-blogging seminar in Kota Damansara. After years of waiting, I seriously act to own and manage a blog.

I own two blogs before. One is recording my reading interest and the other was on general subject. I have no niche subject on the latter and had it terminated after less than 6 months. I keep the former, but seldom made any reading reviews. Writing book reviews are a lot struggle for me because I read different self-help genre.

So after returning home from this paid seminar, I had clearer ideas of what to write (and the rest of other technicalities which I need to self-explore). I just completed some workshops and training on ribbon embroidery and crafts. I decided that this will the subject. I now, have a niche.

But the challange is always there. I love sewing for many years, before treasuring the ribbons. Check out my list of products and activities and you will understand why "I can't leave them just like that". I own a lock-stitch, a serger(overlock-stitch) and a babylock (cover-stitch) and I still have "many dreams" of using them ;)

So soon, I compiled all of them (ribbons and all of other sewing activities) in this page, but getting less focus on the rest but the ribbons embroidery and crafts. Making accessories (brooch and hair accessories) came a bit later, but now has turned to be my first best-selling online product.

I have duplicated this blog to another link, and had each entries translated (stricty) to English. Almost a duplication, but not an exact. There are things which have no direct translation (but approximation) to English and vice versa. Of course, there is Google translation, but it is not doing enough for my English SEO and choice of Ads (another treasure). Moreover, I need to reach the other part of the blogging-world.

You may find there are some blog entries which are written in English but with no direct translation to Bahasa. Having to squeeze time between product making, blogging and online marketing are sometimes challanging, therefore translating english written entries are sometimes lagged behind. (this is not good for my Bahasa SEO). Be patient, for this will take a little while ( a lot while, or sometimes never happen..hehe) because I believe, Malaysian readers can read English very very very well.

Hope this will be a delightful reading experience to all.



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