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Ribbon stich with punchneedle

>> Saturday, 21 April 2012

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My 2nd class  will commence tomorrow and I was sitting on my favorite "stitching-chair" to do  some add-on to last week's project, based on feedback and comments received from the seniors and teacher.

I need to fill one "empty space" using the same technique I used to form the existing pink-color flower with Y stitches. For this purpose, I will use the straight stitch technique to form the petals and some punch needle job to form the stamens.
punchneedle with 5 strands thread

the "empty space"

start punching from the back

repeat for 10 times

the stamen is done

secure the punch needling from the back using thread.

petal: straight-stitch technique using 1/4inch satin ribbon

halfway completing the petals - remember, imperfection is the natural beauty

both petal and stamen are completded

repeat all the above to form another flower

perform Y stitches in random and it's done.

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