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Tutorial: How to sew a Head-Cover

>> Wednesday, 19 September 2012

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A new customer came by early last week, delivering 2 pieces of printed lycra and requesting me to sew them for her. It was half-way done - she had developed own pattern and cut them accordingly, to make  head-covers.
(1. Pattern transferred to fabric - this is how it looks like )

Fortunately, sewing a "Tudung Syria" is quite straight-forward, but to edge them would require a cover-stitch machine. Seldom a hobby-type individual like me (but me) will own any - only  specialized industry but seldom will they attend to a personal/customize request like this. 
It's been sometime since I last use all of my machines - lock-stitch, overlock (serger) and a cover-stitch.  I am glad, the day has finally come to operate them - to ensure they are healthy and running - so glad that I composed this tutorial, specially for my dear customer.

2. Start with area (1) Slightly flatten the "jaw line", draw then cut

3. Stitch the 2 front edges

4.After stitching - the right side view

5. Overlock them (from inside) using a serger.

6. After stitching and serging - the front view

7. Area (2): Fold and pin along the head-line ~ 1.5cm

8. Press it- to reduce the possibility of having breaking-threads

9. Cover-stitch end to end (from the right side)
10. Wrong side - inspect if there is any "breaking threads" - a common problem when using a portable cover-stitch  ( as highlighted)

11. Mark it with an erasable pen

12. Re-stitch it. Can either run over the old breaking line, or do it after un-stitching (preferred)

13. Trim the edges if required

14.Area (3): Redraw and (slightly) flatten the bottom-line edges

15. Trim it

16. Fold, pin and press ( step 7-8)

17. Repeat step 9 to 13

Done! - another one (insert)

Reversing the pattern transfer (my keepsafe)

Another request - altering the "inner" for the headcover.- wait for my next tutorial


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