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New fabric floral hairbands

>> Tuesday, 4 September 2012

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Celebrated another hair-dressing day today, not for me but the mannequin. I neatly combed her hair, and put on my new floral hair-bands, made from satin and sheer fabrics.

Both fabrics are pre-hand-dyed, one with red and purple combined, and the other in light and dark red tones.

(Foto: Design 1) :red and purple pre hand-dyed sheer. and the type of hairband used ( bottom insert)

Design 1
Color: red and purple
Size: 3 inch (diameter)
Fabric: sheer

Design 2
Color : light and dark red tones
Size: 3 inch (diameter)
Fabric: satin

(Foto: Design 2) :light and dark red tones, pre hand-dyed satin. and the type of hairband used ( bottom insert)

To place order, email to info@jahitjahitan.com or message@ FB
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