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Trying out new Jubah with floral brooches

>> Sunday, 2 September 2012

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I received this pair of hijab dan jubah last year, a gift from a sister after returning home performing the Hajj. I try wearing it just now, and it turns out to be the right size - born petite,  this time no alterations is required. The design is so simple that in few seconds after wearing, I imagined myself cutting and sewing another piece, having the same decoration along the neckline, and from shoulder to both cuffs. I miss sewing my own wear.

(photo: floral fabric brooch of satin)

I put on my new floral fabric brooches and snap few photos on own. First time using the timer function, I find it quite challanging at first, then keep trying several more times and came out with these photos.
I remember few years back, escaping a conference and took the MRT, then the cable car heading Sentosa Island. It was a weekday and not many pessangers were around. I rode on a cabin, alone then tried snapping photos on own, using an old analogue camera. (It was the analogue era). After sending it for printing, there re only photos of mirror and walls (of the cabin unit). Not even half of my face was captured in any of the photos. How I wish I had rode on other cabin with other pessangers.

floral fabric brooch of satin


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