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Cushion Cover in Velvet Fabric

>> Wednesday, 21 March 2012

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lovely folded roses of organza

My next RE project continues with the making of a cushion cover using velvet fabric. This will combine with various ribbon embroidery techniques- the fundamental ones such as straight stitch, loop stitch, fly stitch, folded rose and french knot. I also use the stem stitch technique to form running stem in various parts of the design.

The main challenge in this project is to form the folded roses using ribbon of organza material. Unlike satin, the texture is light-weighted and a lot softer, thus require a different level of expertise to ensure the hold-while-folding process is forming the desired outcome. To be frank, I did practice this several times before this lovely roses bloom to sight. 

The next challenge is the material I used - the velvet. Unlike cotton, the smallest size of ribbon which is a lot bulky than normal thread, can cause velvet texture to "damage" easily if need to re-stitching. Therefore, extreme care is highly suggested when Ribbon-Embroidering using this material

This is the final look - bordered cushion cover with size 16 x 16 inch and with zipper closure at the back

Cushion Cover

To order, email us at earnideas96@gmail.com


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