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Ribbon and Baju Kurung

>> Wednesday, 21 March 2012

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A special request came one day, from a dear friend. She requested me to sew her daughter's Baju Kurung  for a special event, coming in 2 weeks time. (Baju Kurung is a traditional/ethnic dress came in 2 pieces - top dress and long gown) As she came to know that I have been recently investing much of my time in ribbon embroidery, she said it would be nice if I can sew her an embroidered Baju Kurung. 

I hesitated at first, as sewing Baju Kurung is history and I thought that I have closed those chapters for 5 years now. To sew Baju Kurung is not an issue, but ribbon embroidering is a new experience for a wearable product. I couldnt believe that I finally agree to take the challenge.

The type of fabric used is linen and is some what a see-through-white in color type. I gave a long thought of the best, safest design and type of ribbon that I should choose; her 9-years old is considered an active type, so I must choose the simplest yet durable type of stitching called the "straight-stitch". For this purpose, I use 1/2 inch pinkish purple and green satin ribbon, decorated with punchneedle in yellow 3-strands.

Trust me, this took a whole lot of my effort, not only to ensure it looks good from the front, but also to ensure all stitches are secured neatly and strongly from the back. This is not only important for the comfort of wearing, but also the ensure all stitches are durable for wear and wash.

The next challenge is to secure the punchneedle strands, the making of the stamens. I secured each of them with back-stitching. Soon as I completed it, I can feel I am still stitching them in during my night sleeping-time.

combination of ribbon embroidery and punchneedle

finished with embroidering and punchneedling

Finally, it's done
Ready to wear

glad! - see those cute ribbon embroidery at both cuffs and bottom part of the dress

For query, please email us at EarnIdeas96@gmail.com.


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