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Latchhook - Part 2 - The Basic

>> Sunday, 18 March 2012

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So I returned home, with a new sewing kit, an "alien" which I knew nothing about.

The fundamental for the project

1.canvas with ready patern.


3. precut yarns

..and so the process begins


During the early hours of the process, I was initially drowsed to boredom. Not too sure why, perhaps the best explanation will be the difference level of complexity of the making compared to the stitching with ribbons. Soon, I slowly experienced a magical feeling in me - a true relaxation and peaceful way of stitching while day dreaming. As this got closer to end, I was bold to admit - this is a fine stitching experience.

And finally this is done!

a pair of loving birds on cloud 9

Continue to crochet-ing, I stitched along the sidelines and all corners

a crochet needle and 25g Acrylic yarns, .

Perfectly done
..with crochet borders.
 Now do the trimming,
can be done while day-dreaming..and i m loving it!

To be continued ;)


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