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Latchhook - Part 3

>> Sunday, 18 March 2012

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So I asked this friend: So this done, what end-product can this be? She replied : A floor mat

What! a floor mat! no way.. this took me years to finish, no way I dare to put my foot on this. .

After a real long thought, a great idea came into mind. 

I happen to find an old cushion cover, slightly torn at the front side but in good condition at the other. I examined the zipper back and forth, and both perfectly functioned. I un-stitched and disassembled the front from the back side, and keep the back side (the pieces with zipper) for next step.

old cushion cover

..then turned the finished latch-hook project to the wrong side.

wrong side of latchhook project

..and fit them back to back (the recycle and the finished latchhook project). Using pins, I attached both along the 4 sidelines. 

fit them, back to back. The back side and zipper are from recycle old-cushion

..then stitched them all the way using 2 layers-thread.


And done! ( I may need to trim some more), size 16" x 16"

Final product - a cushion cover

side view


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