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How to organize ribbons

>> Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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Wow it's been quite a while since I last wrote anything here in English, and in one go! Time flies really, and this is my 1st English entry for year 2013.

It was raining heavily outside and I had everything switched off except (of course) the refrigerator. With no tv or notebook around, I was idle thinking what to do, then spotted the stacks of 30 x 50 x 20cm plastic containers, which I use to store my satin ribbons. So when the rain stopped, I came across these wonderful and creative, yet simple and affordable ideas of how (should I) organize ribbons (and treat them well)

1. Candy Jar

Clear and transparent jar, easy to spot but may not suitable for types of ribbons that can be easily crumpled.

Source: bhg.com via Ros on Pinterest

2. Ribbon organizer

This one is quite common. and is available in any craft's shop. I have 2 different sizes of this kind, but I use it to store something else. (and they are not related to craft's work at all)

3. Cassatte deck

Who still keep collections of old cassette these days, like me. I even still have a cassette player in my car. (trust, I am not that old!)

Source: flickr.com via Ros on Pinterest

4. Use the jars

I am sure I own a set of jars similar like this, somewhere I cannot recall where I put it.

5. Use the kitchen basket.

I have this similar basket in my kitchen, which I use to dry my dishes. This sure is handy when  craft project is on the go.

Source: cdn.homedit.com via Ros on Pinterest

6. Something-else-organizer turned dispenser

Wow, I dearly love this one. Great ideas which I should make one on my own ( then sell it online)

7. Simply use the hanger

Great ideas, to organize ribbons and hide it from mom (and lock the wardrobe) whenever she came around and do spot-check. ( she would say why is my daughter get into this craft's trouble )

Source: skiptomylou.org via Ros on Pinterest

8. DVD storage

This reminds me of my old DVD player which I havent use for more than a year.

9. Use the dress form mannequin

This is a darling idea. Somehow rather, it reminds me of the late Margaret Thatcher who passed away today.

10. Last but not least (drum please)

Use the custom-made cabinet. The schematic way of organizing of course, organized according to the wheel color, then dream :)


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