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14 ways of wearing brooch

>> Monday, 1 October 2012

Read this in Bahasa

1. On Dress - Wear on top of dress

2. On Skirt - Highligt your legs

3. On pants - Do it to your favourite jeans

Source: avalaya.com via Ros on Pinterest

4. On Clutch - Pin in front of your clutch

5. On your hair - Weave it to your hairdo

6. On the headband - Add-in to your headband

7. On your hat - Pin to your hat

Source: beadsmania.com via Ros on Pinterest

8. On your Hijab - Stunning Hijabs!

Source: havvahijab.com via Ros on Pinterest

9. As ring - Turn it into unique ring

10. As bracelet - Creative bracelet

Source: beadinggem.com via Ros on Pinterest

11. As pendant - Chain it and wear as pendant

Source: marthastewart.com via Ros on Pinterest

12. On gloves - Pin to the back of your glove - photo on right

Source: lookbook.nu via Ros on Pinterest

13. On belt - On plain leather belt

Source: beautyandbedlam.com via Ros on Pinterest

14. On shoes - With and without - old and like brand new!

Source: google.com via Ros on Pinterest


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