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21 ways of wearing brooch on dress

>> Tuesday, 2 October 2012

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In my previous compilation, there are 14 ways of wearing brooch, from wearing it on a dress, a skirt and pants, adding-in to a purse and hair accessories, belts and shoes, rings, bracelet and as pendants. In short, with little creatrivity, brooches can be worn anywhere and as anyone wishes to.

I have made another compilations of wearing brooches, just on dresses. There are 21 of them as follows:

1. Wear on white T-shirt

Source: railso.com via Ros on Pinterest

2. Wear it on jacket/ denim

3. Wear it on cardigan

Source: etsy.com via Ros on Pinterest

 4. On your wedding dress

5. Fashion yourself
Source: fashionfuss.com via Ros on Pinterest

6. Wear it oversize
Source: justjared.com via Ros on Pinterest

7. Wear it random in colors and sizes

 8. Wear it in cluster

9. "Draw" interesting neckline

10. Wear it at the lowest point of a neckline or low-cut dress

11. The traditional way - left of dress

12. On right shoulder of a dress

Source: faustosarli.com via Ros on Pinterest

13. On lapel of a jacket

14. On your bow

15. On strap

Source: squidoo.com via Ros on Pinterest

16. On collar (can replace all button with identical brooches too)

Source: sando.no via Ros on Pinterest

17. Use to fasten a cardigan

Source: farfetch.com via Ros on Pinterest

18. Wear it on your waistline

Source: lhj.com via Ros on Pinterest

19. On hemline

20. Back of a dress (top)

21. Back of a dresss (bottom)

Source: faustosarli.com via Ros on Pinterest


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