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Stop worrying, get busy and get a hobby! - part 1

>> Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I am composing this while scanning few important documents.

Last time i composed a faq, it is to ease the effort to having answer repeated questions from people, about my brooch - the color, the size, the price and so forth.

Today I am driven to write another faq, for those who came to me and asked to be listened - his/her feeling, the anger and worries, a given question he/she should self-answer.

My answer is simple - stop worrying, get busy and get a hobby! (like making fabrik floral brooch)

I (perhaps), was born with a pair of gifted ears and wish I know how people can always see them.

For the many years have passed, I have people came to me, of various background, ages and sex, a close friend or once a foe, a seldom-speak-with office mate or a just-met-stranger. They came with the topic I always wish to disapprove to listen to: the tale of shattering marriage. 

Each stories will have a common rhyme. There tears and anger at the same time. Feel regret of the past and clouding worrying the future. The I-am-not guilty attitude and the he/she is guilty stories. The smell of please-take-my- side pleads. Yes, each of them has stories to tell; the 5 minutes speed-thorough, or the laborious hours version

Many times, I was in the state of powerless to say a thing, tried as much to give an approving look, listening while declining to be judgmental, full of effort thinking of something right to say, timely paused between says when a sudden one-sided opinion crossed in thought, caught in self-judgement if everything to be portrayed is rightfully sufficient.  Whether to look pitiful or full of spirit.

There always one thing that I never failed to feel - these are strong people, the chosen ones, to be given this extra heavenly assignment, to make peace to many lives, so world will be a better place to live in. I truely pity them, but what good these will bring if they refused to live on?

love is like committing to a job. the moment you sign off the acceptance letter, you are accepting the growing and endless responsibilities. bond to roles and responsibilities. The dos and don'ts.  It is all about doing things unconditionally and with love, now, before and forever.

Shattering love is on the other hand, just another saying, i would like to quit this job - as a partner or a caretaker. It is to dissolved all the above, all at once.

Here are the same thing that I have told people, over and over again. I hope these would help them, or those who wish to seek some answers, and for myself should next time, people came (again) to me and tell such tales, so I have this pre-formatted scripts to share along.

( to be continued)


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