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Like and Comment Plugin for my floral satin brooch

>> Monday, 13 August 2012

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The last day to order satin brooch has ended today, (God will ) I managed to finish all of them on time, except one special order belongs a dear friend - a regular since day one I opt to take-order-and-sew. From curtain alterations, to bedding set and tradional baby-barut for the her new born, tudung and ribbon-decorated baju kurung for her eldest, I experienced the many valuable challanges in sewing her, things that I've never sew before. Otherwise, I wont simply sew new things for no other good reason but a request from a friend.

(foto: my diy like dan comment button from the FB social plugin )

I finally had the spare time to find new free and attractive blogger templates on the web. I migrated from the original display full post type to the summary, post thumbnail style. I found this new template is more space-effective, has expandable menu bar to utilize and most important of all, is friendlier-to-click. Why is clicking important to bloggers? I guess the best answer will be -search this subject using google, the search engine.

The most challanging part of all, is to enable the like and comment button for every post and that has to be self-generated from the Social Plugin - Facebook Developers page. Unlike some of other free templates I used before, this new template was intentionally built without it. Why? Because there is a good chance that people like me doesnt now how to perform such customization (for example) and the developer(of this free blogger template) is offering a pay-per-customizations service for this. I discovered this upon reading the link he/she has provided in the script.

And why like and comment button are important to bloggers? Same answer- search this subject using google, the search engine.

So after spending some time on googling and reading, followed by several tries with errors, I managed to post them at every end of my blog post!

Not too sure if there are any short-cuts for this. But basically there are 2 important steps to be followed: 1. generate the codes and paste them on every post (bottom line) 2. generate another code for the html script and paste them on the main template of the html setup page.

There are more plugins to experiment with, but doubt if spending time on each of them will be good. Another long cycle of making new product is underway -need to design a patern, test it (r &d), sew a sample, market the sample, take each orders, sew and send them them to customers - and all have to be done on own (including managing the IT and stuff like this).

An intersting definition of running one "own-handmade" business which I have experienced and learned recently, and a total difference from running the wholesale-handmade. Interesting topics which I may want to explore more, in the future.


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