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Tutorial: Basic Ribbon Stiching

>> Sunday, 12 August 2012

There are thousand of  stitches to remember, by name and visual. And there are good ribbon-stitching-lovers out there who have shared good visual explanation on how to make one. So I decided to compile them on this single page - they came only from the best ones!

I will update this this entry from time, and will inform.

Basic stitch
  1. Bullion Knot
  2. Detached Chain
  3. Fly stitch
  4. French KNot
  5. Lazy daisy stitch
  6. Loop Stitch
  7. Ribbon Stitch  
  8. Seed Stitch  
    1. Single
    2. Double
  9. Sheaf Stitch
  10. Straight stitch
  11. Russian stitch  
  12. Twisted Detached

Line stitch
  1. Back stitch 
  2. Barb Stitch
  3. Blanket Stitch
  4. Chain Stitch
  5. Feather stitch
    • Single
    • Double
  6. Herringbone stitch
  7. Iris Stitch
  8. Stem stitch
  9. Split stitch
  10. Raised Chain Stitch
  11. Running Stitch
  12. Oversewn herringbone stitch

Fill stitch
  1. Leaf stitch/
  2. Fern Stitch
  3. Fishbone stitch
  4. Herringbone stitch
  5. Satin Stitch 
  6. Woven Stitch
  7. Couching Stitch
  8. Zigzag couching stitch

Floral, Flower and Roses
  1. Continuous U-Gathered
  2. Folded Rose
  3. Running Rose
  4. Twirled Rose
  5. Web rose
  6. Wound Rose


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