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Handmade floral brooch - Rose Buds

>> Saturday, 15 June 2013

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Blog writing with speed of crawling has turned into a mini-marathon; a second blog entry for the day and what a surprise! This time, it is about my handmade Rose-bud satin brooch.

This very same topic was written sometime ago, in october. Some has left comments, while others have openly (and privately) requested for a tutorial. To be frank, that time I wasn't fully satisfied with the final outcomes, that I have to (gently) turn down precisous orders coming from generous visitors. I found something is still missing somewhere during the process of making, that I need to again, further investigate.

However, there were "this and that" in between, going on for some months before I can really be seated comfortably and continue this project. And finally, here are the outcomes:.

in the making

aha! done..

size of 2 inches (diameter)

test it on my shirt

ready to pack - nicely fit into a 2x2 inches coloured gift boxes, with transparent window displays

wear it on a mannequin

Selection of colors, prices and promotions are available here . I will keep adding more photos as new colors are available, or simply or as occurred. Same goes with sizes; currently only 2 inches diameter of sizes are available.
The slight difference of prices are due to different types of satin used, which takes difference of challenge to make one.


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