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>> Wednesday, 29 August 2012

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The last entry on flowers was written 3 months ago. I was completing my ribbon embroidery training, and fortunatly embroidering clusters of Hydrange became part of the classwork. We were taught how to add-on different tones of colors on each clusters, due to the fact that Hydrangea does change in colors.

(foto: Hydrangea red, blue dan purple)
I remember to borrow a book with title Plants and Flowers in Malaysia. from the state library, and read new facts on Hydrangea.

light blue

almost a heart-shape?
In Malaysia, Hydrangeas are known as Bunga Tiga Bulan (3-months-flower) dan grow in variety of colors- blue, pink and purple. Hydrange does change colors in stages, some may change from green
to white, then pink, blue and purple. Some says the color varies from one to another are depending on the PH level and the alumuium content in the soil- Hydrange is said to turn blue if the level of alumunium is high or likewise, turn into pink.
pink and blue in neiboring cluster

Some claimed that Hydranges originate from the South and East and Asia, while some suggest they may originate from Japan. Interstingly, a friend now studying in Japan has recently shared her collection of Hydrangea photos, taken near her house and university. They seemed to grow naturally beautiful, and perhaps need less care. Perhaps to really tell, Hydrangea does originate from Japan.

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