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A Rose and the broken-legged table.

>> Sunday, 5 August 2012

Housekeeping day - I spent quite some good hours today, to perform a weekly-turned-biweekly pc housekeeping, after having to perform several ctrl-alt-delete force restarts. The lesson of ignoring the pc schedule reminder has never been learn, and as always, with intention.

( photo: taken from some angle below the sepal.)

One of the folder has grown fatter, and retrieving a simple a .txt file left my fingers drumming on my computing table for a lot while. It's time to close-one-eye and delete some fat files. Yes, keeping junks in pc is one thing that I definitely am good at.

While deleting, I found an old water-color drawing which I almost forget and have left uncompleted for long -my 3rd drawing after the monochrome "cups of tea" and "the nebulea-s". 

the sketching - adjusted to the max contrast, can you see it?

I remember to start drawing this on an old old japanese table of mine, with one broken leg. Found it from my store-room and thought of turning it to be a dedicated drawing table.

This is suppose to be a painting of a red color rose, taken from an angle below the sepal and facing the sky. The top section should be watered in blue and white - a blue clouding sky. And the bottom to be i-cannot-remember-supposed-to-be-what.

I guess it took me about 4 hours just to sketch and paint it to be like this.My initial intention to stop painting was only for a while. Just to let it dry so I can over-lap some areas which I think, look unpleasant to my eyes. Unless if using the acrylic, the over-lapping can be instantly done. Keeping my expensive acrylic aside, and put water-color as an exercise, hoping one day a touch of an acrylic will produce some good painting of some awwed ;)      

The original drawing came from a water-color drawing book, which I borrowed from the state library. I have returned the book some weeks ago, so can this be a good reason for me to not complete this forever? - wink!


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