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From Decent to A Hair Fashioned Model

>> Friday, 8 June 2012

So last time, I did buy a synthetic wig for this reason; to beautify my bald mannequin!

pretty with her new synthetic wig. I spent quite a time to make this bun and clamp it with my new hair clamp

Once upon a time, I was in a seminar and a friend came close then asked about the tudung I wore. It was a blue printed tudung with flower motive, and nicely scalloping on my shoulder. When asked, and I simply answered - I sew this on own. She requested me to sew her one, (and more after that). And that was how my previous tudung business was commenced - without I ever plan or thought of.

The business picked-up quite ok, and soon I bought this bald-mannequin - with full face and the rest up to the chest. Most of the time, I have to pile her up on an upside-down empty dustbin to give extra height, so as to display the full view of a tudung. I remembered I bought a full body mannequin later, but was sold half-price to another friend whom in business of wearable stuff. Today I wish, I still have her so I can do more magical stuff with my new upcoming products.

look decent, wearing tudung last time

my full body mannequin - someone ordered long hijab

white sheer hair clamp - side view

front view


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