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Fabric Flower: The making

>> Monday, 11 June 2012

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Late afternoon Sunday. I reclined lazily on my favorite chair, "lapping" my notebook and listing down all of the accomplishments for this week:

1. Fabric Flower making

I ve been doing nothing but researching and designing my new fabric satin brooch since last week, experimenting how to standardize the size and the look, apart from ensuring the durability and practicality of use.
 red-chilli brooch handsomely worn on shoulder
Then, I came to aware about the excess of fuming from the candle I use during the "edging" process, that at all time I am exhaling. I remember a scene for my all-time favourite sitcom  Seinfeld, when Susan died from licking cheap, toxic wedding invitation envelopes that George bought. I afraid if this fuming can be such harmful too. So I decided to wear a mask as part of my EHS practices. Wearing mask with all electric fans are switched off, you bet it's torturing hot!
kitty fabric mask i used to avoid access fuming from candle burning
2. Acrylic Painting Class at Kelopak Gallery

Another sequel from the previous ribbon embroidering classes. If last time we had batik canting as the background, this time we have acrylic painting, and ribbon embroidering  (with flower motive) should next follows, to make this whole canvas complete. I planned to continue this painting next week and to complete it just with acrylic painting (resolution 1), and will have another canvas for the atcual project - the combination of acylic+ribbon embroidering. (resolution 2!!..phew) I shall write and update more on this soon.

It ends here since last class session

3. Change from "summer" to "winter" room
It's been warm days for quite a while, and sleeping at night is getting restless. So I decided that it is time to switch rooms. The "summer" room, the warmest room in this unit, is a west-facing room where the warm afternoon sun will "bake" and set. The "winter" room, is facing the east - chiller, gloomy and poorly "lit" that makes little difference between morning, afternoon or at night - it is a room room where you can sleep all day long, wrapped in blanket!

4. Changed a door knob
When comes to changing a door knob, I always hope for a miracle to happen. I had one experience before, though it was successful, but really really really not fun (dont ask why).

old-sagging door : after removed the old lock set

reading the instruction from the new locking set, later I threw it away for I found it useless.

It's done! The door knob hole is somehow out of proportion, so I combine the new lock set, keeping some of the old parts. Moral : not all door knobs are manufactured with ISO (or is it the Malaysian's house developer?)

5. Changed light bulbs
The biggest accomplishment of all - changing light bulbs.

balcony - blowing out for more than a year. I love the "romantic "effect this lit gives when switching off other lamps/lights. 

entrance - blackout for I-cannot-remember-how-long. It took me a while to research how to open and unscrew this bird-nest lamp and pulled out the broken bulb.


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