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New Ribbon Embroidering Project

>> Tuesday, 22 May 2012

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Another sunny day, I was fast asleep late in the afternoon for some good restful hours, then drowsy awake and feel uncomfortable in throat and slightly feverish. The last time I had fever, perhaps was a year ago.

I grant myself a week break from ribbons and needles, and finally initiated a new project on own. This time, the objective is to self-experiment new techniques and sharpen own skills. The expected completion is 3 days at max. Not to spent much time on deciding "where to place what and which color is ideal", I had one of my teacher's patern (which I adore and admire) as the reference and guideline. I use the only supply I have - a thick cotton in medium yellow color, which my teacher once commented as "too thick and not suitable for ribbon embroidering". Very true, the texture caused slight pains to my index and pointer fingers. I think, it too can cause sight defects to the texture of the ribbon and the end finishing.    

My best try, after 3 attempts (did it on another piece of cloth which I called it as "my mini-lab")

The final- never get close to the original anyway

This is facing south-east - I figure this out on my 2nd day

blooming rose - looks static, have tried but failed to "defect" it

rose - the few final days

I love the combined dark-brown fishbone and french-knot

Never get close to the original -suppose to face east - intend to have another round of ribbon-dye and stitches


Shading the background - test out at one section and leave this for next class's FAQ session


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