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Happy Mother's Day

>> Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Read this in Bahasa

Today is sure a warm and sunny day. I sipped a full cup of coffee anyway, a real black caffeine - a known  head-ache agent, which potentially makes this worse.

I was notified yesterday by a vendor, that my long-waiting supply has arrived and soon ready for delivery to my door. It is the benang emas (gold thread) used for my next project with my elder sister, and my dear mother.

In the past, the art of tekad was taught to all girls on reaching puberty, and the skills was passed from mothers to daughters. These days, many mothers with tekad skills have long passed their biological menopause clock, and none of their children is inheriting any. Classical example, my sister and me.

Traditionally, gold thread is embroided on velvet fabric with floral motifs, to form beautiful wedding pieces  and to be worn on paraded wedding ceremony. Here are some of mum's collections, some may have aged for quite some years.
bride shoe

groom shoe

decorative pillow

traditional hand-fan

another traditonal hand-fan

decorative pieces for the curtain, i think

Traditional Tiaras

Not sure for what - I should have ask mum.

Same here


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