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Matching cushion cover - part 1

>> Thursday, 12 April 2012

Read this in Bahasa

telah siap
The original entry in Bahasa was posted sometime, 2 or 3 weeks ago. Apology for this late avail. Got too much in hand and need longer sleeping hours ;)

Vintage, a detail, challenging and time consuming embroidering technique, yet the loveliest once it is done. Thanks to my dear teacher, who has creatively invented this technique some time ago.

For this project, I intended to sew a pair of bordered cushion cover, of 14 inch square. For the base, I use thick and black in color of cotton fabric, having 4 borders of width 2".

I use medium-pink colored satin ribbon, of different sizes.

ready to be sewn on fabric
I use different size of green satin ribbon to form the stems. For the smaller stems, I use the DMC floss ( is floss a correct word to use?)  instead of ribbon.

stems are done.
For the final touch, combination of ribbon stitches and the french knots will be used to form the smallest leaves and tiny yellow dots.

The stitching is finally done.  
Next, I have to copy the same procedure for the other pair. This time, the difference will be, "the wind is blowing" from the south-west instead from the south-east - the patern is to be re-drawn with side mirror image.

Will continue in next writing.


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