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National Craft Day 2012

>> Wednesday, 28 March 2012

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The National Craft Day is here again with full of "colors" and excitements.

It was cloudy and the sun is rising no where into sight. I was driven anyway to pay a visit, and instead of taking the train as earlier planned, I drove there on own. After safely parked my car at a nearby parking lot, I was shuttled in a white van and arrived in less then 5 minutes.

Like every other year, the textiles monopolize most of the displaying booths and counters. And like every other year, I just walked in my fastest pace, while returning smiles to sellers who wishes to stop me, hoping I would generate some good sales for them for the day.

Textile - songket
In between, there are free entertainments for unwind - Traditional songs and instruments are being performed 

In another block

I spent quite a quality time here examining the following goods instead



wood craft



varieties designs of cushion covers
Of all the displaying booths and counters, I was stopped for some while at this special one, displaying crafting goods called the "Tekad". I was alone there, and had a good understanding why. Tekad has somewhat being forgotten by the now-generation and is "dying".  The seller, a lady of mid 20s, was a daughter to the business owner and is inheriting the skills from her mother. We chatted for quite a while and was well-entertained by each other ;)

My mother was once, a good Tekad maker. Long time ago, she used to produce Tekad goods, from shoe to decorating pillows, and bedding for wedding ceremony, preparations for the new-weds. And orders made to her producing these "gadgets" were well received. As she ages, the interest and skills has slowly fading, and too bad none of us is inheriting the skills. Most of her Tekad goods are still well-kept at home in one of her favorite displaying racks.

I had something bought for my self too


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