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DIY Tutorial: Flower arrangment for wedding gifts

>> Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Artificial flowers arrangement to decorate wearable gifts (hantaran).

In many culture, gifts are being presented during wedding ceremonies. In our traditional wedding practice, wedding gifts(hantaran) are "culturally mandated" to be presented by both brides and grooms either during the wedding or their engagement ceremonies. Although religious wise, is not a mandatory, the inheritance of this cultural practice are widely executed until now. To learn more about our cultural wedding ceremony, click here.

I had my own wedding about a year ago, and I have presented to now-my-husband, a total of nine gifts - few wearable items, food and cultural items. To make them presentable, I had decorated all of them on my own, using combinations of different types of artificial flowers. Apart from making them looked beautiful, I have ensured that they are earth-friendly, which means are recycle-able. The same flower arrangements are not to be thrown away (like many did) but instead, can be transformed into decorative flowers for your dinner table or display cabinets - of course, the easy way. 

I have composed the A-Z of how to do this here (please click) and hope all of the photos displayed, will guide you through the process till the end (since the write-up is not available in English)

readily arranged artificial flowers before placing it with the gifts

Another flower arrangement made for a relative wedding, readily placed it on the gift's tray

A pair of men's shoe as the gifts
recycle after the wedding - as decorative flowers in a vase.


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