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Flower from Fabric

>> Friday, 23 November 2012

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Straight hair can be curled, and so can the fabrics - curl and arrange each of them into lovely and decorative fabric flowers.

(foto: source http://www.hairstylingtoolsinfo.com)

Months ago, I came up with several designs of fabric brooch made from velvet and using this very same technique. This time, I use different type of fabrics and experiment different designs of fabric florals which can be an end product of brooches, hair accessories, gift decorations and so forth.

the supplies - i use linen

There are different types of satin of different quality and prices availble out there, and it is wise to try some of them because soon you will realize how different quality will give interesting results.

satin of good quality I use  
Prior to the "curling" process, each fabric need to be "pre-washed" using mixtures of a traditional recipe, then leave to dry. This pre-wash process is vital to ensure the fabric will not fray and to make the "curling" process later, a lot easier.

sebelum dan selepas di "cuci"
Once dried, use the fabric pen to trace the patern (the mold), then cut each according to the patern of the desired florals.
proses memotong pola

Next is the curling process. For this purpose, I use a set of special tools which I inherited (from my mom) and to be frank, it is quite timely too.  The whole process is atcually a "pressing" process and you will need a special own-made mat and some extra energy too. If using satin, you will slowly notice the glossy look the fabric gave you after each pressing. Do it with patience, and you will learn to love to see it :)

In summary, there are quite a number of steps to be followed and tools required for this project. Apart from having to use the basic sewing supplies such as scissor, needle and so forth, you may also need to use odd supplies and "anything from the store-room" too. Think creatively and ideas will slowly come and support you.
before and after - notice the difference - the shiny and glossy look  
Printed cotton and plain cotton-linen - a thicker type





Anna 13 November 2012 at 17:56  

Wow! You're really good. A must try! :)

Wendy 27 March 2013 at 03:07  

your flowers are beautiful!

Ros 28 March 2013 at 13:34  

Thanks Wendy..I just visited your blog and it's a wow ! :)

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