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Satin Brooch for the Tudung

>> Thursday, 2 August 2012

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I received an urgent order yesterday, from a customer. She initially ordered the 3 inch size satin floral brooch, to be worn on tudung. I advised her the 2 inch instead, to look more neat and nice.

I was in bit hurry but was able to complete them late last nigt, and didnt have much time to wear Miss Mannequin appropiately for the next photo session. I managed to wear her a simple "tudung inner" made from thick t-shirt fabric, with awning and cover-stitch finishing, which I made months ago.

The photo session is about to commence when I started to realize that one of Miss Mannequin's eye-lashes is missing. No wonder she looked a little odd from the beginning. So I took photos from her right side, the side with the perfect eye-lashes ;)


red chili

light purple

light blue


colorful gift box

wrapped and ready for mailing


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