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If Roses Grow in Heaven

>> Sunday, 29 July 2012

 If roses grow in heaven

If roses grow in heaven,
Lord please pick a bunch for me,
Place them in their arms
and tell them, they're from me.

p.s I made some editing to the original poem.

just completed an order

I havent blog for quite a time, busy completing some orders, for dear customers and friends.

Today is the 8th day of Ramadhan, so much memories crawled into mind since this morning, when a dear friend wept over the loss of her 18 years old cat last night, due to old age.

Vico, the given name, ia a female cat of some Persian breed. She never go to school, but was picked up to house on every school holidays (Vico stays at kampung most of the time). Vico, the once young and playful cat, is now gone.

Last week, a close neighbor friend of emak has passed away. She probably is in early sixties, a chatty type but I always understand why she became one. Almost everyday, she came and chat with emak, always there with emak, waiting for my visit. For the past few trips, she was no where to be seen. I was informed, she was heavily sick.

I regret I did not pay her a visit on my last trip last week. She was hospitalized for couple of days and went passed away restfully on Monday, the 3rd of Ramadhan. She'll be greatly missed, especially by emak - one of her close friend.

Autie Zaiton is another close to mind friend of mind, and she passed away last Ramadhan. We were neighbour last time when I was in Wangsa Maju - sharing passions over cats.

She speaks English very well, and wore long skirts all the time. With her well-trimmed eye brows and chinese looking, seldom people thought she is a Malay. I remember, seeing her walking briskly by the nearby shops, either going to buy something or had full hands of shopping bags and walking home. I stopped by sometimes and offered her a lift, or enjoy chatting at nearby coffee-shops. I remember, I keep shut most of the time, had less chance to say and would just sit there and listened to what she has to say. She had so much complaints to talk about, about how bad the rest of the neighborhood has treated her, that I perhaps, was her only friend. People just don't understand that she was just an old woman.

Auntie Zaiton is a very generous cat-lovers. She would buy expensive cat foods, although she has nothing much left in her pocket. I remember one day when she was sick and refused to see a doctor. She took prescriptions over a pharmacy counter, instead of visiting a doctor and having to pay the consultation fee - she saved every single ringgit to buy food for the cats.

She fed all cats around the neighborhood. She fed my visiting-cat as well. (and I adopted 2 cats from her). I remember the day after the hari raya break, when she hurried to see me, telling about the stolen cat (someone lived nearby has kidnapped my visiting cat). I remember the last day I was in wangsa maju and waved her goodbye. I remember I happened to pass by the neighborhood sometimes, then rang her and pick her up for coffee-chats.

Someone, used her mobile number last ramadhan, and we were unreacheable since then. I remember to pass by the neighborhood one day last year, after the hari raya, and stopped by to say hi. To my dismay, I found the place was in great mess, and the cat-house near the window bay, was emptied. Later was I informed by a neighbor, that Auntie Zaiton had passed away in Ramadhan, alone in the house, and with the cats. I remember I wept to tears for nights, thinking of her and the way her life has ended. No one knows where the gravesite is. I hope one day, I would get some clues, and can pay her "a visit". Auntie Zaiton has lived her life beautifully to her seventies.

kruang - 2nd adopted cat, and was stolen

kruang's 1st generation

Ngek - 1st adopted cat

Ngek's 3rd generation


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