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Happy Ramadhan

>> Friday, 20 July 2012

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It rains since early morning and Kuala Lumpur is unusually cloudy and foggy. Cant remember the last time I used my walking umbrella, but too sure it was some while ago, enough time to get it rusted (due to not in use for longer period) to dysfunction. Have something came up today, and expecting a long- walking day, and a working umbrella can be handly. 

Later in the afternoon, new crescent moon of Ramadhan is to be sighted at numerous location around Malaysia, to determine whether the following day will be the 1st Ramadhan - the commence of a fasting month. As weekend is approaching, it is tradition that many of us including me will plan to travel back to our home towns, and to break-fast with our beloved parents. Happy Ramadhan to us all.

floral satin brooch, the inside view

I am glad to share this simple box of gifts for this year's festive. It is a satin brooch of size 3 inci,  with a pair of "ferrero rocher" chocolate, packed in a gift box with window display and decorative side ribbons. For those who are still looking for a simple gifts for their friends, family or the love ones, this can be a perfect gifts to express your thought and appreciation to them. Do contact me to place your order ;)

outside view


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