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I dont want to wait until november, I dont want to wait until there is snow..

>> Sunday, 1 July 2012

It's been a while since I last wrote an entry like this - what's life was like, the 24 x 7.

Life is full, hectic and have loads of stuff to run. Time ran fast and wild, an hour turns into a minute, every next monday is always Friday. Lots to catch up, many to abandon, like the feel good from executing a writing like this.

My last decison to switch rooms was the best ever made for this year. I have permanent working station since then, both for my computing and my soul-attached activities - the sewing & crafting. Last time, I used to mobile everywhere, messed every inch and corners, then hardly remember where to find my notebook,when I needed one.

I also spent some good hours doing housekeeping for my sewing tools and supplies. I had each of them accordingly grouped, supplies containers accordingly labelled, I now parked my sewing trolley at one place at all time. I ensure my sewing work station is clean each time I close "shop".

I had over-pouring ideas, and wrote each of them on my whiteboard. Because it hung static on a wall of some distance (from my working station), I turn to my rectangle dressing mirror instead, and placed it horizontally on my computing working station. I just find out, a mirror can be an excellent whiteboard! But there is a but -  I hardly see my face now, whenever I need to dress-up - there are loads of writing all over my face each time I need to draw my lipstick line!

Anyway, here are some of the updates:
It's been a month since I first execute this project of making roses from satin fabric. It started without a plan - a piece of good quality satin fabric was bought for some other sewing project, but has turned into something else at this far. I should have listen to teacher long time ago, when she once encouraged me to focus on accessory lines (Yes, teacher always have load of ideas to share, wants to see all of us success in this industry and in our life, therefore each time she starts a speech, I hear National Anthem..hehe ) It seemed that God has listened to her, rather than to myself ;)

It was a long r&d, trial and error process. Somehow, I managed to produce these accessories lines : brooch, hair clamp and head-band ( and have more to come!). I expand the choice of roses color and  4 different sizes for customers to choose from, then built a FAQ page for them. It receives good responds from friends and fans,I daily make new friends since then.

Floral satin brooch: the transparent box: waiting for quality check and pins to be attached before packing into those silver boxes..

The last acrylic painting was 3 weeks ago, and I hadnt make any good progress except buying a new painting stand and an expensive fan brush, which I never use until today. Being optimistic, I also borrow few painting books and bought a cheap painting set, but too bad time is just not there for me to spend.

Bought new painting stand - same painting, no progress for the past 3 weeks

a fan brush cost me RM18, but not in use until today due to time limitation and focusing on craft

3. Sulaman
The last project was way and away. I miss my embroidery needles, ribbons, dye coloring and board very much!

4. Other sewing and stuff
Tekad - kene balik kg and learn this from emak

Sew a V shape tudung for a friend. I wonder when will some one come out with an ISO way of measuring the size and shape of a head and face, so sewing will complement the wearing, vice versa.

5. Reading

I did not finish this last reading - the 8th habit by Covey (even after rescheduling the returning date for another 3 weeks!). Since the fabric roses making project has commenced, I hardly can spent even 5 minutes (each time before I sleep ie. my prime reading time), holding any book between palms and had my eyes on them. As soon my head landed on my pillow, I am in different world. Anyway, the main moral of the book is telling this: di antara nasib (tertulis oleh Tuhan) dan tindakan, di situ ada keputusan! 

I have time, I will re-read.

I have returned this book and borrow another set.

why on earth these people is building a state library next to a golf club and away from the actual public?

I promised to borrow a light-reading type, but end up with Bono!
I also have returned the old set and borrow another sets of sewing and crafting books from teacher.

Teacher is always being supportive and helps us unconditionally - I have marked projects which interest me

Miscellaneous events

6. Visit a flower wholesale
My new interest since kelas sulaman and the follwing flower compilations

my heart fell (its down there, you cannot see and so do I)

what a composition

7. Kenduri kawin
Visit a wedding of a close sister-friend - met last year during sewing classes. She always help me to tighten my sewing hoop (which I always am not good at). We are now sisters and a good friend.

newly wedded son and DIL

Broken promises - I promised her to help on this, but I never turn-up ;(
 8. Taking a commuter ride.
 The last ride was more than a year ago. I used to ride this daily to my office (located in the heart of traffic-@$% of KL. God knows what I have experienced!

9. Watching Football match
is now at 2.45am, so bye2 ;)


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